🧐 Frequently Asked Questions 🧐

I don't have an Xbox Console. Can I still get these Xbox products?

Yes. Only you need is have an Xbox (Microsoft) account that linked with Epic Games. If you dont have, you can create a new one.

I successfully buy products from yours but it didn't appear in the game. What should i do?

To claim your products, you need to launch the game from an Xbox Console or Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC/Mobile. After you logged in the game, your products will show up.

What is applied products? (V-Bucks, Show-Bucks etc.)

We will login to your Xbox (Microsoft) account and buy those products from another regions store.

I have an Xbox Console. Can I apply these Xbox products myself?

Yes, you can easily launch the game with your Xbox Console and apply your products.

I don't have an Xbox Console. How can apply these Xbox products?

We can apply your products with our Xbox Console for you or you can apply with Xbox Cloud Gaming.

How do I use Xbox Cloud Gaming for applying?

  1. Go to Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC or Mobile -> https://www.xbox.com/en-US/play
  2. Sign-in with your Xbox (Microsoft) account.
  3. Launch the game you want on Xbox Cloud.

Xbox Cloud Gaming isn't available in my country. What should I do?

Just use a VPN and change your location or ask us to apply.

How do I receive Discord Nitros?

Please contact us.

I bought subscriptions from one of these products (Spotify, Netflix, Discord, Disney Plus, Xbox Game Pass, etc.) and its expired. Can I renew it?

Yes. You can buy a new subscription without create a new account.

Are of these products legit?

Yes, all these products are bought with real money.

I purchased a product but can it be revoked in the future?

No. But it may depend on your actions from that platform. If you do any suspicious activity in the future (Trying to change account region, login from multiple locations in a short time, sharing sensitive details on internet), the platform may impose some temporary limits on you.

Which payment methods we can use?

We accept Crypto, Wise, Debit & Credit Cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, UNIONPAY), Western Union, Paysend, Payoneer, Payeer, Crypto Voucher, Binance Pay, PayPal (F&F).


I don't see all payments on products. How can I pay with other methods like Paypal?​

You can contact us by clicking the small live support icon at the bottom right and write "Hey, I want to pay with Paypal."​

Do you give a receipt?

Yes, your receipt will be sent to your e-mail address.

Did you find the answers you wanted here? If not, please tell us and we will add here.

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