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Grow your bank account GTA$500,000 is deposited directly into your Maze Bank account each month of your GTA+ membership.

Exclusive Member Events Member Events rotate every 4-6 weeks & deliver benefits like bonus items & gameplay accelerators.

The Vinewood Car Club Access a curated stock of distinct vehicles, including a select vehicle to claim free each Event.

Stand Out From The Crowd Each Event brings access to rotating bonuses, incentives and cosmetics.

Member-only Shark Cards Take advantage of special GTA+ Shark Cards that give even more GTA$ with each purchase.

And Lots More... For more information on the latest GTA+ benefits, visit

GTA+ is a monthly membership program that delivers a number of exclusive benefits, including GTA$ and more, each month*. Available for GTA Online on Xbox Series X|S, GTA+ members can enjoy: โ€ข Monthly deposit of GTA$500,000 โ€ข Access to claim vehicle-related benefits, such as test drives, discounts and early access to new releases, or bonus vehicles โ€ข Access to claim property-related benefits, including discounts and add-ons, or bonus properties โ€ข Outfits, liveries, and other cosmetic items โ€ข GTA$ and RP accelerator bonuses, as well as discounts on items โ€ข Access to Member-only Shark Cards for even greater value

Access to Grand Theft Auto Online (Xbox Series X|S) is required to receive the GTA Online Benefits. In addition, GTA+ now grants members access to select Rockstar titles on Xbox Series X|S devices. While subscribed, GTA+ members can access these titles for as long as they are included in GTA+. To view the titles currently included, visit

GTA Plus: The Ultimate GTA Online Experience GTA Plus is a subscription service for GTA Online that offers a variety of benefits, including: Double GTA$ and RP on select missions and activities Access to exclusive weekly content Discounts on select items Early access to new content

GTA Plus is available for purchase on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The most significant benefit of GTA Plus is the double GTA$ and RP on select missions and activities. This can help players earn money and rank up faster, which can be helpful for unlocking new content and vehicles.

GTA Plus also offers access to exclusive weekly content, such as new missions, vehicles, and clothing. This content is not available to players who are not subscribers.

In addition, GTA Plus members receive discounts on select items, such as weapons, vehicles, and properties. This can save members money on their purchases.

Finally, GTA Plus members have early access to new content, such as new vehicles and weapons. This gives members a head start on the competition.

Whether or not GTA Plus is worth it depends on how much you play GTA Online. If you are a casual player who only plays a few hours a week, then GTA Plus may not be worth the cost. However, if you are a dedicated player who plays for hours every day, then GTA Plus can be a great way to save time and money.

To buy GTA Plus, you can visit the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, or Steam. Once you have purchased GTA Plus, you will be able to access the benefits of the subscription immediately.

GTA Plus is a great way to get the most out of GTA Online. If you are a dedicated player who wants to earn money and rank up faster, gain access to exclusive content, and save money on your purchases, then GTA Plus is a great option.

Unveiling the Power of GTA Plus: A Revolution in Gaming Subscription In the dynamic landscape of gaming, GTA Plus emerges as a groundbreaking subscription service, transforming the way players engage with the iconic Grand Theft Auto series. This article delves into the intricacies surrounding GTA Plus, exploring its availability on PlayStation, Epic Games, Steam, Xbox, and unraveling what makes it an essential addition for enthusiasts seeking an enhanced GTA experience.

A Paradigm Shift in Gaming Subscription: GTA Plus isn't just a subscription; it's a paradigm shift, offering players a gateway to an enriched Grand Theft Auto universe. From exclusive benefits to premium content, this subscription service redefines how players immerse themselves in the criminal underworld of GTA.

GTA Plus on PlayStation: For PlayStation aficionados, GTA Plus provides an unparalleled gaming experience. Seamlessly integrated into the PlayStation platform, the service grants subscribers access to a wealth of exclusive content, in-game bonuses, and a VIP pass to the ever-evolving world of Grand Theft Auto.

GTA Plus on Epic Games: Epic Games Store users, get ready for an enhanced GTA journey! GTA Plus is available on the Epic Games platform, unlocking a treasure trove of benefits. Subscribers enjoy exclusive discounts, bonus cash, and early access to in-game events, ensuring a premium experience for every GTA enthusiast.

GTA Plus on Steam: PC gamers, elevate your GTA adventure with GTA Plus on Steam! Subscribers on Steam enjoy a host of privileges, from bonus properties in GTA Online to exclusive discounts on in-game items. Dive into the criminal underworld with a subscription that adds a new layer of richness to your Grand Theft Auto experience.

GTA Plus on Xbox: Xbox users, the evolution of GTA is at your fingertips with GTA Plus. Subscribers on Xbox enjoy a myriad of perks, from bonus vehicles to priority access in GTA Online. The subscription ensures that every heist, every mission, becomes an even more thrilling and rewarding experience.

Where to Subscribe to GTA Plus: For those eager to unlock the full potential of GTA, subscribing to GTA Plus is a seamless process. Whether through official gaming websites, digital marketplaces, or designated subscription services, players can elevate their GTA experience effortlessly. Platforms like Steam, Epic Games, and console-specific stores offer convenient avenues to enhance your criminal empire.

GTA Plus - A New Dimension in GTA Gaming: Beyond being a subscription, GTA Plus opens a new dimension in GTA gaming. It's an opportunity for players to enjoy a premium experience, unlocking a wealth of content and bonuses that redefine their criminal pursuits in the vast open world of Grand Theft Auto.

In conclusion, GTA Plus isn't just a subscription service; it's a revolution in how players engage with the beloved Grand Theft Auto series. Whether on PlayStation, Epic Games, Steam, or Xbox, the subscription promises an enhanced journey through the criminal underworld, where every heist is more lucrative, every mission more thrilling. Secure your subscription today and unveil the power of GTA Plus, where the criminal empire expands, and the city becomes your playground. The next chapter in GTA gaming awaits, and your subscription journey begins now.

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