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In the first version of PUBG, which was first introduced to game lovers in 2017, players start the game by falling from the sky to a deserted island. The PUBG game is trying to outdo its opponents thanks to the weapons and other equipment they found on this island with their own efforts. The surviving team or player at the end of the fight wins the game. PUBG E-Pin in-game currency, which allows us to buy many products such as items, parachutes, clothes, skins and new features that we can use in the game, is called PUBG G-coin.

GO ON THE FIELD, LOOT, SURVIVE! Play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for free. Land in strategic locations, loot weapons and supplies, and battle to be the last team standing on diverse and expansive Battlefields. Gather your team and join the Battlegrounds for the original Battle Royale experience that only PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS can deliver.

Digital games, which started to enter people's lives in the 1970s and soon became an indispensable entertainment element around the world, continue to provide players with a good time with brand new ideas and concepts. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, is seen as one of the most successful representatives of the battle royale genre, which made its mark among the most played and selling productions on PC platform, game consoles and smart devices in 2017 when it was published. The game, designed by Brendan Greene, who made his name known with different game modes and inspired hundreds of thousands of developers in video game design, comes to life with Unreal Engine 4, one of the game engines used in the development process of many games. It is useful to know what kind of production PUBG is in order to find out the reasons why the production made a great impact around the world and remained at the top of the game lists, and what is among the products that reflect the theme of the game.

The PC and console version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is defined as a multiplayer and battle royale game played online, where real players fight against each other. The production, in which hundreds of players use variables such as weapons, environment elements and time to win at the same time, is seen as a variation of last man standing, one of the game modes that has existed in FPS (First Person Shooter) type games for a long time. In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, where the last player standing on the field tastes the victory, game enthusiasts can participate in the matches alone, as well as as two people or in small teams. Ultimately, the last player or team left on the field wins.

PUBG Mobile, which has more than 1 billion downloads worldwide, is the best and the first in this field, as well as providing the original battle royale experience to game lovers. PUBG Mobile, which is compatible with mobile devices, has also managed to be a good strategy game. When you first start the game, you are dropped off on an island by plane. There are 100 players on this island and you have to survive by killing your opponents. It is possible to progress to the top by killing your opponents in the game.

The process of participating in the battlefield, where fierce battles take place, begins with the characters of the players in the digital world parachuting from the plane and landing in an area they see fit. The battles, which take place on maps with an average area of 16 to 60 kilometers in total, continue under fair conditions, as dozens of players on the map do not have any items that will give them an edge over each other in the first place. By searching the terrain, abandoned buildings and similar areas, players can find weapons, armor and similar equipment that enable them to be superior to their opponents, as well as vehicles that facilitate travel. At this point, the items that are the inspiration for PUBG products that enter the shopping lists of the fans of the game appear one by one. As PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players increase their mobility during the match, they enrich their inventory by finding items such as PUBG bags and PUBG gloves.

The factor that makes the game competitive is not only the items that the players acquire. The fact that the maps start to get smaller as time progresses in the game and the players who remain in the narrowing area are considered unsuccessful in the game are considered as the main factor that increases the excitement of the matches. Players staying in the shrinking area and trying to reach the safe zone can reach their goals and continue their conflicts with other players from where they left off, if they have enough health packs. However, since the map will continue to shrink, it is necessary to develop small-scale strategies and use the equipment in the most efficient way possible to be the last player standing.

When the feeling of competition in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is combined with the dynamics of the production itself, tens of millions of players want to spend hundreds of hours on PUBG and enter tight matches with their friends and players they meet on the internet. This situation is directly reflected in the sales numbers and playing statistics of the game. The game, which has sold more than 70 million copies in total three years after its release, is among the best-selling and most played games of all time. The success of the production is not limited to the PC platform and modern game consoles. PUBG Mobile, which was released in its free-to-play version on Android and iOS operating systems, is running a separate record in its field with close to 1 billion downloads. The success of the game on mobile platforms is based on the fact that it provides a very similar game experience to the main game. Gamers who want to play the game on the PC platform, but whose hardware power is not enough to play this game fluently, take their breath on mobile devices and start playing by downloading the Android or iOS versions of the production.

Game enthusiasts, who have a pleasant time in the digital world with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, can also invest in figures related to production and toys that appeal to the little ones. Toys that help children create fun games during their playing hours with their friends and on their own are inspired by the characters, equipment, weapons and vehicles in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The main toys that attract the attention of the little ones are the attack sets with many weapons and equipment, and the helmets associated with the game. The toys, which allow children to play combat-based games by impersonating the characters in the game, are generally made of polycarbonate material, so they do a good job in terms of durability. In this way, children can play with toys bought by their parents for long periods of time.

Young people and adults who follow the production can invest in action figures that represent the main characters in the game. The models, which can be easily preferred by game enthusiasts who collect the action figures of the characters in their favorite games, are appreciated for their detailed designs, correct colors and showing the durability expected from action figures. In addition to the characters, the packaging contents of the products include weapons or equipment specific to the characters or the game, allowing collectors to exhibit their figures with a stronger atmosphere. Those who aim to acquire all the figures related to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds add mini figures as well as action figures to their shopping lists. Although their sizes and designs vary, the products that successfully reflect the theme of the game and the characters in the game appeal to young game enthusiasts as well as collectors.

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